Corns are cone-shaped areas of hard skin usually occurring over areas of intense pressure.  People complain that it feels like walking on a stone.  We can help by enucleating the corn using a scalpel and applying pads to deflect the area of pressure; it may also be appropriate to address the cause of the problem.

A callous is the medical name given for the hard skin.  Areas of hard skin can occur anywhere with excessive pressure usually around the heels.  Patients often complain that these areas are unsightly.  Treatments involve removing the hard skin and preventing the callous from reforming.  We may also advise some self care to help maintain healthy feet.

Cracked heels can be very painful, the symptoms are pain on weight bearing and thickening of the skin around the heel.  This area can be successfully debrided and treated.

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Insurance CoverageYes
Patient ages12 years plus